The Official Wine of Boats, Brunch & Beaches

Mermosa is inspired by our family's original mermaid, Celestine Noisette, whose siren-song set her free and inspired generations of strong voices and unstoppable spirit. Join us in a glass and embrace the beauty and power of your own inner mermaid.

Mermosa Bubbles Wines

Mermosa Bubbles

Our mermaids create Mermosa using Premium white wine and a splash of natural orange and pineapple juices for a refreshing, not-too-sweet finish.


Mersecco Blanc de Blancs

Our mermaids create Mersecco using Premium Carbonated White Wine. With a crisp dry finish, Mersecco is a classic wine with a bubbly personality.


Celestine Rosé

Celestine Rosé is a 90 rated (Wine Enthusiast) sparkling wine named in honor of our family's first mermaid, Celestine Noisette. Salmon pink, sparkling, clean and smooth, Celestine Rosé is a crisp, juicy, round and lush wine style with depth. It is fresh and balanced.

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Noisette Rosé

Our Rosé is inspired by the real life love story of Celestine and Philippe Noisette, our founder’s ancestors - whose love broke the bondages of slavery during antebellum Charleston, South Carolina.


Mermosa Bubbles Cans

Our award-winning Mermosa Bubbles in a can is our refreshing blend of Premium White Wine with a splash of Natural Orange and Pineapple Juices for a not-too-sweet, refreshing finish. ................................ *Not currently available for shipping due to high temperatures. Please find a retailer near you to purchase.

Celestine Rosé Cans

Inspired by our family's first Mermaid, Celestine whose voice was as powerful as a siren. She negotiated freedom for herself and her children in Antebellum Charleston - a feat that allowed her children to pass on botanical mastery................................ **Not currently available for shipping due to high temperatures. Please find a retailer near you.

The MERmazing Sample Pack

Try a bit of everything with our MERmazing sample pack! Enjoy a bottle of each Mermosa, Mersecco, Noisette Rosé and Celestine Rosé.


Our Mission

Celebrate every Mermaid in the world.

Mer maid/ˈmərˌmād/ a wildly free, intoxicating being with a voice as powerful and beautiful as the ocean.

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We use Premium grapes from Oregon and Washington State and harness expert Winemaking in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.  We make Mermosa wines in the Van Duzer region where maritime air currents from the Pacific Ocean shape flavor profiles.  Our wines are sea-kissed by these air currents, making them The Official Wine of Boats, Brunch and Beaches.

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Meet our Founder, Desiree

Real Life Testimonials

"There's nothing like enjoying a refreshing glass of Mersecco after a great run!  With a crisp finish and zero residual sugars, it certainly does not interfere with my training!  Cheers!"


Real Life Testimonials

"Give me all the Mermosas"


Real Life Testimonials

"Mersecco and Mermosa are this mermaid's summer fave!"