The Official Wine of Boats, Brunch & Beaches

Inspired by our family's tropical botanical mastery dating back to 1794, we handcraft our Premium wines in the coastal range of the Willamette Valley where the Pacific Ocean maritime air currents shape flavor profiles. Our sea-kissed wines make Mermosa The Official Wine of Boats, Brunch and Beaches.

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Mer maid/ˈmərˌmād/

A wildly free, intoxicating being with a voice as powerful and beautiful as the ocean. 

Real Life Testimonials

"There's nothing like enjoying a refreshing glass of Mersecco after a great run!  With a crisp finish and zero residual sugars, it certainly does not interfere with my training!  Cheers!"


Real Life Testimonials

"Give me all the Mermosas"


Real Life Testimonials

"Mersecco and Mermosa are this mermaid's summer fave!"