Our Founder



Desiree Noisette is the founder of Mermosa wine brand, Florida's first Black woman-owned wine brand, established in 2017. Desiree is also an attorney, artist, business woman, wife and mother who got her business wings by owning and operating a women's boutique specializing in swimwear fitting for women and Desiree's resort wear designs, which were also sold to retailers across the US.

In 2017, Desiree convinced her husband to sell their home and use the proceeds to start Mermosa. She and her family "went all in" and the journey has been a wild ride. 

Today, Desiree sits at the head of the Mermosa organization as the President (or "Head Mermaid"). When she is not in her lab creating formulations or designing new packaging you may find Desiree adorning a mermaid tail -- a part of her job that her children love.

"I hope our wines inspire your wildly free experiences and rule-breaking journeys for generations to come." -- Desiree Noisette