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Mermosa Bubbles

Our mermaids create Mermosa using Premium white wine and a splash of natural orange and pineapple juices for a refreshing, not-too-sweet finish.

Mersecco Blanc de Blancs

Our mermaids create Mersecco using Premium Carbonated White Wine. With a crisp dry finish, Mersecco is a classic wine with a bubbly personality.


Mermosa Bubbles in a Can

6 x Mermosa Bubbles Cans - SHIPPING INCLUDED*

Our award-winning Mermosa Bubbles in a can is our refreshing blend of Premium White Wine with a splash of Natural Orange and Pineapple Juices for a not-too-sweet, refreshing finish. ................................ *Shipping included to most United States.  BUY NOW

Celestine Rosé

6 x Celestine Rosé Cans SHIPPING INCLUDED*

Inspired by our family's first Mermaid, Celestine whose voice was as powerful as a siren. She negotiated freedom for herself and her children in Antebellum Charleston - a feat that allowed her children to pass on botanical mastery. Shipping included to most United States*  BUY NOW

Mermosa Bubbles Cans x 4 + Celestine Rosé Cans x 2 SHIPPING INCLUDED*

Both Mermosa Bubbles + Celestine Rosé cans can be shipped directly to your door!. *Shipping included to most United States - BUY NOW

Celestine Rosé Cans x 4 and Mermosa Bubbles Cans x 4 SHIPPING INCLUDED*

Now you can get both Mermosa Bubbles + Celestine Rosé Cans shipped directly to your door! *Shipping included to most United States -BUY NOW

Noisette Rosé

Our Rosé is inspired by the real life love story of Celestine and Philippe Noisette, our founder’s ancestors - whose love broke the bondages of slavery during antebellum Charleston, South Carolina.