About Us


400 Beach Drive, Suite 161
Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida 33701
(727) 498-8984


Mermosa is the ultimate sip and shop experience in paradise.  We created delicious sparkling wine blends perfect for the mermaid's palette. We've also designed official gear along with curated swim and resort wear to satisfy your everyday paradise style.  Stop into our location along the beautiful waterfront in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, open 7 days a week.

OK, Here's the Long Story

(Always best paired with a Mermosa)

I'm Desiree Noisette, the President of Mermosa.  I'm a recovering lawyer, swimwear fit expert, clothing designer, mom of 2 boys and now, maker of the perfect day-to-night beverage line and brand: Mermosa.  I'm fortunate to have my entrepreneurial roots in St. Petersburg, Florida - a city that embraces the arts, independent businesses and is full of inspirational people.  Being a part of this community is a launchpad for creativity.  It's an entrepreneurial utopia full of problem solvers and businesses that help one another.  Plus, it's located in a lush tropical paradise surrounded by water.  Not a bad place to light my entrepreneurial spark for innovation.  

Six years ago, I was a lawyer practicing construction law.  I worked with great people, but I was not passionate about my work.  One January night, I went to my favorite watering hole - Red Mesa Cantina - with a friend and we spent the entire time complaining about how we shouldn't be eating nachos and drinking margaritas because it was almost time for beach season.  You know - that awful feeling like everyone is going to see you in your underwear and you are just not mentally prepared.  What should have been a savored night of girl time turned into a degrading evening of stress over the terrible experience that is Typical Swimwear Shopping (imagine a horror face emoji here). 

The next day, I woke up with a surprisingly clear mind after those sad margaritas.  I knew there could be a better way for women to shop for swimwear without feeling so vulnerable, overwhelmed and exhausted - even before trying on the first suit.  So I started Cerulean Blu,  a place where women would feel beautiful in swimwear.  With curated swimwear designed for real women's bodies, expert fit specialists to guide the way and giant dressing rooms with good lighting and a living-room like feel, we soon became Tampa Bay's #1 Resort Wear shop.

My latest dream is a metamorphosis of Cerulean Blu into the ultimate sip and shop experience: Mermosa.  Wine has always been a part of our equation - but we always had trouble finding the perfect beverage to serve our guests that paired with our paradise style and hot days. Everything we tried was too sweet, too artificial tasting, too weak or too strong.  So I decided to make our own in 4 signature flavors: Mermosa, Mergarita, Merjito and Mertini.  

This is where our wine is made - the beautiful Oregon wine country.  It took a lot of work, but I was able to check every box of my wish list to create these beautifully authentic, crisp and refreshing wines. They are Mer-Made simply with pure organic grapes and Mer-Mixed with refreshing organic flavors. Expertly crafted without being sweet - our beverages are perfect for day-to-night so you can enjoy the taste of Paradise all day.  I can't wait to share them with you!  Cheers my friends!